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There be any praise

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In all our cares about worldly treasures, let us steadily bear in mind thatriches possessed by children who do not truly serve God, are likely to provesnares that may more grievously entangle them in that spirit of selfishness andexaltation which stands in opposition to real peace and happiness, and rendersthose who submit to the influence of it enemies to the cause of Christ.To keep a watchful eye towards real objects of charity, to visit the poorin their lonesome dwelling-places, to comfort those who, through thedispensations of divine Providence, are in strait and painful circumstances inthis life, and steadily to endeavour to honour God with our substance, from areal sense of the love of Christ influencing our minds, is more likely to bring a blessing to our children, and will afford more satisfaction to a Christianfavoured with plenty, than an earnest desire to collect much wealth to leavebehind us; for, "here we have no continuing city"; may we therefore diligently"seek one that is to come, whose builder and maker is God.""Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just,whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things areof good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on thesethings, and do them, and the God of peace shall be with you."(Signed by appointment, and on behalf of said meeting.)Twenty-eighth of Eleventh Month. -- This day I attended the Quarterly Meetingin Bucks County. In the meeting of ministers and elders my heart was enlargedin the love of Jesus Christ, and the favour of the Most High was extended to usin that and the ensuing meeting.I had conversation at my lodging with my beloved friend Samuel Eastburn, whoexpressed a concern to join in a visit to some Friends in that county who hadnegroes, and as I had felt a drawing in my mind to the said work, I came homeand put things in order. On the 11th of Twelfth Month I went over the river,and on the next day was at Buckingham Meeting, where, through the descendingsof heavenly dew, my mind was comforted and drawn into a near unity with theflock of Jesus Christ.Entering upon this business appeared weighty, and before I left home my mindwas often sad, under which exercise I felt at times the Holy Spirit which helpsour infirmities, and through which my prayers were at times put up to God inprivate that He would be pleased to purge me from all selfishness, that I mightbe strengthened to discharge my duty faithfully, how hard soever to the naturalpart. We proceeded on the visit in a weighty frame of spirit, and went to thehouses of the most active members who had negroes throughout the county.Through the goodness of the Lord my mind was preserved in resignation in timesof trial, and though the work was hard to nature, yet, through the strength ofthat love which is stronger than death, tenderness of heart was often feltamongst us in our visits, and we parted from several families with greatersatisfaction than we expected.We visited Joseph White's family, he being in England; we had also a familysitting at the house of an elder who bore us company, and were at Makefield ona First-day: at all which times my heart was truly thankful to the Lord who wasgraciously pleased to renew His loving-kindness to us, His poor servants,uniting us together in His work.

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Fourteenth of Sixth Month. -- Having felt drawings in my mind to visitFriends about Salem, and having the approbation of our Monthly Meeting, Iattended their Quarterly Meeting, and was out seven days, and attended sevenmeetings; in some of them I was chiefly silent; in others, through thebaptizing power of truth, my heart was enlarged in heavenly love, and I found anear fellowship with the brethren and sisters, in the manifold trials attendingtheir Christian progress through this world.Seventh Month. -- I have found an increasing concern on my mind to visit someactive members in our Society who have slaves, and having no opportunity of thecompany of such as were named in the minutes of the Yearly Meeting, I went alone to their houses, and, in the fear of the Lord, acquainted them with theexercise I was under; and thus, sometimes by a few words, I found myselfdischarged from a heavy burden. After this, our friend John Churchman cominginto our province with a view to be at some meetings, and to join again in thevisit to those who had slaves, I bore him company in the said visit to someactive members, and found inward satisfaction.At our Yearly Meeting this year, we had some weighty seasons, in which thepower of truth was largely extended, to the strengthening of the honest-minded.As the epistles which were to be sent to the Yearly Meetings on this continentwere read, I observed that in most of them, both this year and the last, it wasrecommended to Friends to labour against buying and keeping slaves, and in someof them the subject was closely treated upon. As this practice hath long been aheavy exercise to me, and I have often waded through mortifying labours on thataccount, and at times in some meetings have been almost alone therein, I washumbly bowed in thankfulness in observing the increasing concern in ourreligious society, and seeing how the Lord was raising up and qualifyingservants for His work, not only in this respect, but for promoting the cause oftruth in general.This meeting continued near a week. For several days, in the fore part of it,my mind was drawn into a deep inward stillness, and being at times covered withthe spirit of supplication, my heart was secretly poured out before the Lord.Near the conclusion of the meeting for business, way opened in the pureflowings of divine love for me to express what lay upon me, which, as it thenarose in my mind, was first to show how deep answers to deep in the hearts ofthe sincere and upright; though, in their different growths, they may not allhave attained to the same clearness in some points relating to our testimony.And I was then led to mention the integrity and constancy of many martyrs whogave their lives for the testimony of Jesus, and yet, in some points they helddoctrines distinguishable from some which we hold, that, in all ages, wherepeople were faithful to the light and understanding which the Most Highafforded them, they found acceptance with Him, and though there may bedifferent ways of thinking amongst us in some particulars, yet, if we mutuallykeep to that spirit and power which crucifies to the world, which teaches us tobe content with things really needful, and to avoid all superfluities, and giveup our hearts to fear and serve the Lord, true unity may still be preservedamongst us; that, if those who were at times under sufferings on account ofsome scruples of conscience kept low and humble, and in their conduct in lifemanifested a spirit of true charity, it would be more likely to reach thewitness in others, and be of more service in the Church, than if theirsufferings were attended with a contrary spirit and conduct. In this exercise Iwas drawn into a sympathizing tenderness with the sheep of Christ, howeverdistinguished one from another in this world, and the like disposition appeared to spread over others in the meeting. Great is the goodness of the Lord towardsHis poor creatures.


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How much more deceitful than her lover is the little nursery governess. The moment she comes into sight she looks at the post-office and sees him. Then she looks straight before her, and now she is observed, and he rushes across to her in a glory, an...

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She was not in the least cold. She was wearing a russet-coloured pelisse and had the hood over her head, so that nothing of her showed except her dear little face and her curls. The rest of her real self was hidden far away inside so many warm garmen...

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He has broken his ribs," said the commander, in a low voice. "No matter; he is an excellent fellow, and we must not leave him. We will try and carry him on board the tartan." Dantès declared, however, that he would rather die where he was than underg...


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