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Even without coffins

Av schuhe lily - 1 april 2011 08:12

By the breaking in of enraged merciless armies, flourishing countries havebeen laid waste, great numbers of people have perished in a short time, andmany more have been pressed with poverty and grief. By the pestilence, peoplehave died so fast in a city, that, through fear, grief, and confusion, those inhealth have found great difficulty in burying the dead, even without coffins.By famine, great numbers of people in some places have been brought to theutmost distress, and have pined away from want of the necessaries of life.Thus, when the kind invitations and gentle chastisements of a gracious God havenot been attended to, his sore judgments have at times been poured out uponpeople.While some rules approved in civil society and conformable to human policy,so called, are distinguishable from the purity of truth and righteousness, -while many professing the truth are declining from that ardent love andheavenly-mindedness which was amongst the primitive followers of Jesus Christ,it is time for us to attend diligently to the intent of every chastisement, andto consider the most deep and inward design of them.The Most High doth not often speak with an outward voice to our outward ears,but, if we humbly meditate on His perfections, consider that He is perfectwisdom and goodness, and that to afflict His creatures to no purpose would beutterly averse to His nature, we shall hear and understand His language both inHis gentle and more heavy chastisements, and shall take heed that we do not, inthe wisdom of this world, endeavour to escape His hand by means too powerfulfor us.Had he endowed men with understanding to prevent this disease (the smallpox)by means which had never proved hurtful nor mortal, such a discovery might beconsidered as the period of chastisement by this distemper, where thatknowledge extended.(1) But as life and health are His gifts, and are not to be disposed of in our own wills, to take upon us by inoculation when in h

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In the winter of this year, the smallpox being in our town, and many beinginoculated, of whom a few died, some things were opened in my mind, which Iwrote as follows: -The more fully our lives are conformable to the will of God, the better it isfor us; I have looked on the smallpox as a messenger from the Almighty, to bean assistant in the cause of virtue, and to incite us to consider whether weemploy our time only in such things as are consistent with perfect wisdom andgoodness. Building houses suitable to dwell in, for ourselves and ourcreatures; preparing clothing suitable for the climate and season, and foodconvenient, are all duties incumbent on us. And under these general heads aremany branches of business in which we may venture health and life, as necessitymay require.This disease being in a house, and my business calling me to go near it,incites me to consider whether this is a real indispensable duty; whether it isnot in conformity to some custom which would be better laid aside, or whetherit does not proceed from too eager a pursuit after some outward treasure. Ifthe business before me springs not from a clear understanding and a regard tothat use of things which perfect wisdom approves, to be brought to a sense ofit and stopped in my pursuit is a kindness, for when I proceed to businesswithout some evidence of duty, I have found by experience that it tends toweakness.If I am so situated that there appears no probability of missing theinfection, it tends to make me think whether my manner of life in thingsoutward has nothing in it which may unfit my body to receive this messenger ina way the most favourable to me. Do I use food and drink in no other sort andin no other degree than was designed by Him who gave these creatures for oursustenance? Do I never abuse my body by inordinate labour, striving toaccomplish some end which I have unwisely proposed? Do I use action enough insome useful employ, or do I sit too much idle while some persons who labour tosupport me have too great a share of it? If in any of these things I amdeficient, to be incited to consider it is a favour to me. Employment isnecessary in social life, and this infection, which often proves mortal,incites me to think whether these social acts of mine are real duties. If I goon a visit to the widows and fatherless, do I go purely on a principle ofcharity, free from any selfish views? If I go to a religious meeting it puts meon thinking whether I go in sincerity and in a clear sense of duty, or whetherit is not partly in conformity to custom, or partly from a sensible delightwhich my animal spirits feel in the company of other people, and whether tosupport my reputation as a religious man has no share in it.Do affairs relating to civil society call me near this infection? If I go, itis at the hazard of my health and life, and it becomes me to think seriouslywhether love to truth and righteousness is the motive of my attending; whetherthe mannner of proceeding is altogether equitable, or whether aught ofnarrowness, party interest, respect to outward dignities, names, ordistinctions among men, do not stain the beauty of those assemblies, and render it doubtful; in point of duty, whether a disciple of Christ ought to attend asa member united to the body or not. Whenever there are blemishes which for aseries of time remain such, that which is a means of stirring us up to lookattentively on these blemishes, and to labour according to our capacities tohave health and soundness restored in our country, we may justly account akindness from our gracious Father, who appointed that means.The care of a wise and good man for his only son is inferior to the regard ofthe great Parent of the universe for His creatures. He hath the command of allthe powers and operations in nature, and "doth not afflict willingly, norgrieve the children of men." Chastisement is intended for instruction, andinstruction being received by gentle chastisement, greater calamities areprevented. By an earthquake hundreds of houses are sometimes shaken down in afew minutes, multitudes of people perish suddenly, and many more, being crushedand bruised in the ruins of the buildings, pine away and die in great misery.


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How much more deceitful than her lover is the little nursery governess. The moment she comes into sight she looks at the post-office and sees him. Then she looks straight before her, and now she is observed, and he rushes across to her in a glory, an...

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She was not in the least cold. She was wearing a russet-coloured pelisse and had the hood over her head, so that nothing of her showed except her dear little face and her curls. The rest of her real self was hidden far away inside so many warm garmen...

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He has broken his ribs," said the commander, in a low voice. "No matter; he is an excellent fellow, and we must not leave him. We will try and carry him on board the tartan." Dantès declared, however, that he would rather die where he was than underg...


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