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Italian Francesco De Bonis became the first cyclist to be given a doping ban because of discrepancies in his biological passport.Unlike conventional tests, which can detect the presence of a banned substance, the biological passport monitors swings in blood parameters that may indicate manipulation.The ground-breaking biological passport system, which was pioneered by cycling's world governing body UCI in 2008, may become a strong weapon to catch drug cheats even if they have never been tested positive.Citic International Contracting Inc, a unit of China's State-owned Citic Group, will build 10,000 housing units on the site of a Caracas military base in Venezuela, Bloomberg News reported Sunday, citing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.Citic is to receive $400 million as a first installment to build the units.The report said Venezuela will use part of a $20-billion loan from China to pay Citic. The project is part of a pledge to close a housing deficit aggravated by heavy rains, according to President Chavez.The company may build a series of 20-story towers on 40 hectares, the report cited Hong Bo, Citic Group's president, as saying. Fifteen-year-old Laura Dekker, aiming to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, was in good spirits after completing the 2,200 nautical-mile (2,532 land-mile, 4,074-kilometer) trip from the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa.Dekker anchored Guppy, her 38-foot (11.5-meter) ketch, just outside Simpson Bay Lagoon after what she called "a very nice trip" so far. She later steered it into the lagoon as a crowd gathered at the docks and snapped pictures."It's really weird. It's not moving and not bouncy," she told The Associated Press as she tried to find her land legs while strolling in flip-flops along a sidewalk to the Dutch territory's immigration office. "I don't think I can live in a house at the moment."The Dutch teenager started her trip from Gibraltar on August 21 and spent two months in the Canary Islands waiting for the hurricane season to pass. She left the Cape Verde Islands on December 2.

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Through his Young Mercedes strategy with more affordable models, Maier also makes the three-pointed star attainable for more Chinese consumers, with a diversified and dynamic image.Moreover, to get further closer to Chinese customers, Maier helped establish three regional headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou this year, for demands in North China, East China and South China. In line with the company's booming sales, Maier also put heavy efforts to expand Mercedes' dealership network, with its high and strict global service standard. It will have 166 dealerships by the end of the year and will add 25 to 30 dealers into its national network every year in the future. Maier was in charge of network development at Daimler headquarters in Germany before he came to China.On November 26, when Maier paid a visit to Mercedes' 4S store in Zhuji, a county in Zhejiang province, he said that Mercedes will go to more second and third-tier cities in the future to further tap the potential of the Chinese market.Localization is another achievement Maier has made during his tenure. This year, he appoints three Chinese talents to be the vice-presidents of Mercedes-Benz China, in charge of sales, marketing and public relations issues, indicating his respect to local talent.Having been living in China for almost four years, Maier tried to understand China market and Chinese people through his daily life. One employee from Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd said: "Mr Maier loves to participate in Mercedes' everything in China, communicating with colleagues, dealers, customers and media.""One must deeply understand the market and customer first, then do a good job in China," said Maier.Also blaming food containing the weight-loss and muscle-building clenbuterol was three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador of Spain, who tested on July 21 and the analysis of that sample revealed traces of the banned steroid.The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rejected Contador's claims that his positive test was caused by contaminated meat bought in Spain. WADA even cited a European Union study from 2008 in which experts tested 300,000 meat samples but found evidence of the possible use of clenbuterol in only one of those.In the meanwhile, American cyclist Floyd Landis, stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title for doping, told media that the use of clenbuterol is widespread in cycling, in one of his many striking remarks which included his attacks on seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.Landis previously alleged that Armstrong and members of their former US Postal team systematically doped and Armstrong has always denied doping.Many and explosive as the positive cases were, anti-doping experts considered it a proof of their effective work."I want to reiterate that zero tolerance does not mean zero positive case. On the contrary, positive cases prove that the system is working since drug cheats will always exist" said China Anti-Doping Agency deputy head Zhao Jian.ncluding China, many countries and regions, under the unified anti-doping regulation World Anti-doping Code, moved to crack down on doping with more stringent measures apart from traditional drug tests.

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Mao Weiming, director of Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, said the province increased the investment in R&D in the period of the 11th Five-Year Plan.At present, the fund set aside for R&D accounts for 2 percent of Jiangsu's GDP, and the province's capacity of regional innovation is ranked first in China.Nanjing Linkage Technology Co, Ltd in Jiangsu reaped the benefits from its growth in innovation capability."We invested 300 million yuan ($45.05 million) into research in 3G technology in recent years, and now we have more than 100 patents and have developed over 100 software products with independent intellectual property rights," said Tu Pingping, vice president of Nanjing Linkage.The company is now providing technological support for the country's three largest communications providers -- China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.Tu said with confidence that the company was planning to become a world-class software company and is expecting its software sales to reach 10 billion in 2012.Another good example of independent innovation is the rapid development of China's high-speed railway, which set a new operating speed record of 486.1 km per hour on a test run on the Beijing-Shanghai railway only two weeks ago.From introducing technologies from foreign companies to designing its own software and registering more than 900 patents, China has gradually become an independent researcher and developer in this field.Using cutting-edge technology and high-end products, China is on a path to become known as the nation with the best and most efficient high-speed rail network in the world.At present, there are 7,531 kilometers of high-speed tracks in use in China, which is the world's longest, according to the Ministry of Railways.

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In the period of China's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010), Chinese companies have been striving to raise the added value of their products by making independent technological innovations.Li Wei, vice-president of the sugar producer, Xiwang Group in eastern China's Shandong province, told Xinhua that the market value of their product would rise 20 percent by turning corn into starch, and from starch to crystalline dextrose the value would further rise 80 to 100 percent."By turning corn into crystalline fructose, we can raise the added value by 20 times," Li said with excitement, holding up the fructose product which was put on the market recently.This great leap forward became a reality due to the company's constant pursuit of technological innovations. Through independent research and development (R&D), Xiwang Group mastered several key technologies which were previously controlled only by a few developed countries.Since 2007, the corn used each year by Xiwang Group has remained at around 1.8 million tons, but the total output has increased annually by 30 percent.The Chinese government has long stressed the significance of independent innovation and encouraged companies to enhance their own capability of technological innovation.In the plan for the 11th Five-Year Plan, the government took enhancing the capability of independent innovation as a crucial step in China's industrial restructuring and the transformation of the growth pattern, which greatly promoted companies all over the country to invest more in technological innovation and adding more value to their products."China-made products should become more and more valuable," said Zhang Yansheng, a researcher with the National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC).To gain a foothold at the high end of the global industry chain, Chinese companies must improve their technology and raise the products' added value, according to Zhang.After the financial crisis, eastern China's Jiangsu province also realized that the traditional economic pattern relying heavily on low-cost resources and labor had come to an end, so it turned to the growth pattern driven by technological advancement and the improvement of efficiency.

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Wan made the remarks in response to rumors the city had spent beyond its budget to ensure spectacular and successful games.Wan said the city had spent more than 123 billion yuan ($18 billion) on the two events, but "the investment, the great majority of which went to the city's infrastructure, has never gone beyond budget. The two games, which won widespread praise from participating countries and regions, were so far the largest of their kind in history. But they were actually economical."The 16th Asian Games took place in Guangzhou from Nov 12 to Nov 27 while the Asian Para Games opened on Dec 12 and ended on Dec 19."The city government always adhered to the principle of organizing the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games industriously and frugally," Wan added.The mayor urged people on the outside not to misinterpret the large investment in the two events.Zhang Weicheng, deputy secretary of the Guangzhou commission for discipline inspection, also said no corruption cases involving the construction of games venues and related projects had so far been investigated."The Asian Games and the Asian Para Games were clean as all the games-related projects were conducted in a transparent manner," Zhang told a news conference last weekend, after the commission had completed an investigation into all the projects.Official statistics revealed only about 13 billion yuan had been invested in construction and maintenance of games venues and facilities and for the staging of the two events.The Guangzhou government said the other 109 billion yuan was spent on the city's overall infrastructural upgrade that included the construction of new metro lines and stations, highways and bridges. Wan Qingliang, mayor of the city, said in an interview that the major events were conducted within budget, and no cases of corruption have been found.

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The proposal said it is one-sided to publish only a demolition's compensation plan. Instead, the whole demolition procedure should be made public, except when national security is involved."Public hearings are necessary to better protect public interests, because the solicitation of public opinions - land users' only means to express their views in the current legislative system -- is sometimes ineffective," said Shen Kui, who is also a Peking University law professor and coauthor of the proposal.Chinese Academy of Governance professor Zhu Lijia said forced demolitions are a "major cause" of mass incidents in the country. So it is necessary for the government to work out "comprehensive and fundamental rules" to curb disputes and maintain social stability, Zhu said.A series of bloody conflicts caused by forced demolitions has unfolded across the country in recent years, causing deaths and social concerns about the current regulation's legitimacy."But it will be difficult to change, because local governments are stakeholders, whose revenues are heavily tied to land acquisitions," Zhu said.Beijing is working on making all public spaces - including work sites and transportation options - tobacco-free by the end of 2015, the Health Bureau revealed.The bureau is also aiming to reduce the smoking rate among men in the capital from 4.6 to 4 percent during the next five years.

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More than half of people polled planned to give up smoking. The rate nationwide is just 27 percent.The health bureau conducted a pilot project called Three Minutes Stop Smoking in some residential areas between March and June through which it trained doctors in offering tobacco-free advice to patients.Zhang Junwei, a doctor at the Wangjing residential clinic, said doctors can play a crucial role in helping smokers give up.He said the three-minute advice slots doctors gave during the recent pilot had a marked effect.Zhang said one elderly smoker who had smoked about 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years gave up in five weeks."He was suffering from high blood pressure and other chronic disease," Zhang said."Smoking made his health conditions worse. With his doctor's medical guidance, he stopped smoking and felt better than ever."He added that the elderly man subsequently brought some of his friends along to try to help them quit as well.Wangjing residential clinic, which is viewed as a model center in the tobacco-free campaign, has given three-minute lectures to more than 5,000 smokers.Today, nearly 80 percent of doctors in residential clinics are trained to offer tips to patients about quitting.While the tobacco-free campaign has had some notable successes, it has also hit some problems.The smoking rate has increased slightly since 2002."The number of people who will seek medical help to give up smoking is fewer than a quarter and fewer than a half of smokers have received anti-smoking advice from a doctor," said Du Hong, an official from the Health Bureau.The survey found that 11.5 percent of teenagers aged under 18 smoked.hat figure was higher than the 9.11 percent who were said to be smokers in a report released by the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention early in December.According to Du, the Health Bureau sent 25,000 posters and more than 20,000 handbooks to hospitals, residential clinics and medicine stores this year promoting smoke-free existence.

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The country will bring its overall money supply to a normal level with a range of policy tools next year as the government shifts monetary policy from "moderately loose" to "prudent", the central bank said on Friday in a statement on its website, citing Hu Xiaolian, deputy governor.Hu stressed that China is facing pressure due to excess liquidity from home and abroad, and for the next phase the government will work on liquidity controls with a range of policy tools, including open market operations, and adjusting interest rates and reserve requirement ratios.Brian Jackson, economist with the Royal Bank of Canada, believes China will see another 75 basis points of rate hikes in 2011.Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS Securities, shared a similar viewpoint. "The average CPI will range from 4 to 4.5 percent in 2011, and the inflation risks will be manageable. We expect an increase in interest rates by 75 basis points next year."The expectation of interest rate hikes next year, however, will also attract an inflow of overseas speculative money seeking quick returns.According to the Yellow Book of the World Economy, published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) on Sunday, the risk of deflation in developed economies and inflationary pressure in emerging economies will further intensify next year, resulting in capital flow from developed to developing countries.The interest rate gap between the United States and India, for instance, has reached 6 percent, according to the book."The scale of hot money flooding into China will definitely increase next year, due to the interest rate gap and the expectation of renminbi appreciation," said Zhang Ming, a senior research fellow of CASS."Stock and property markets are still the two major fields for the inflow of speculative money. China thus faces more pressure in containing asset price growth next year," he added.Foreign investment in China's property sector rose 48 percent to $20.1 billion in the first 11 months of 2010, the Ministry of Commerce said on Dec 15. This is almost three times the 17.7 percent increase in the country's total overseas capital inflow.

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The first family arrived at a chapel at Marine Corps Base Hawaii mid-morning for a multi-denominational service. The Obamas were greeted by about 100 clapping parishioners and a band playing "Joy to the World" as they were led to their seats in the front row.In his sermon, chaplain Steve Moses asked worshippers to recommit to God in the new year. He also joked that the reason God put him through a heart surgery was so he wouldn't suffer a heart attack while preaching before the president.Obama was the first worshipper to take communion, dipping the wafer in wine before placing it in his mouth.hough Obama speaks frequently about his Christian faith, his family rarely attends church services in Washington. The White House says the president hasn't joined a parish because his appearances would be disruptive to the rest of the congregation, though he does attend private services when he spends weekends at Camp David, the presidential retreat.Obama last attended church in September, shortly after a poll was released indicating that a majority of Americans had doubts about the president's religious beliefs.During the hourlong service, Obama and the other churchgoers sang along to a youth band playing Christmas carols such as "Silent Night" and "Oh Holy Night."After church, Obama went golfing on the Marine base despite sporadic light rain.President Barack Obama and his family took a break from their Hawaiian vacation to attend Sunday church services, a rare occurrence for a president who prefers to worship in private.The government will be able to keep inflation in check, Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday, after the central bank raised interest rates for a second time in just over two months.The central bank raised one-year lending and deposit interest rates by 25 basis points on Dec 26, after issuing a statement posted on its website on Saturday.Steps taken in the past month, including price controls to curb speculation and monetary tightening, have started to produce results, Wen said in a radio broadcast.The central government has raised the reserve requirement ratio for banks six consecutive times and increased interest rates twice this year to absorb excess liquidity in the market to support healthy economic development.he State Council, China's cabinet, has also been trying to rein in food prices by increasing production of vegetables and other basic goods."I believe we can keep prices at a reasonable level through our efforts. As a major leader of the government, I have the responsibility and I have the confidence, too," Wen said, referring to large grain reserves as well as moves to support production by reducing and waiving taxes.The country is facing inflationary pressure as the consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, accelerated to a 28-month high of 5.1 percent in November.

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According to Knaust, Doubletree is aimed at families and tourist groups while Conrad is what businessman look for during their work breaks. The risk is less when both types of guests are taken good care of.Rather than worrying about the competition between first-tier hoteliers, Sanya Changdao Tourism Ltd's Vice-General Manager Feng Zhigang is happy about the scale of Haitang Bay's "hotel community"."The bigger we are, the more guests we'll have," said Feng, who has just signed off two hotel properties with Starwood's Sheraton and Luxury Collection brands. "Tourists will come to us if we have all the best branded hotels available in one bay."Feng, a Beijinger, came to Sanya three years ago especially for Haitang Bay's hotel projects. "Our parent company, China Sigma Co Ltd, which specializes in high-end golf resorts, hotels and real estate development, founded Sanya Changdao Tourism Ltd just for this project," he said."The thing is Haitang Bay has what Yalong Bay lacks - it has not only packages of hotels, but also a duty-free shopping center, yacht club, golf course, sea world, wetland park and cinemas, even a good hospital and church. When you stay at Yalong Bay, it's easy to get bored since there's nothing apart from the beach, but here - never," said Feng.The South China Film and Television City will be built in the bay with a film studio open to visitors as much as possible.At a cost of 7 billion yuan, the local government also started to construct seven small folk towns on the bay in a bid to appease not only local culture and customs but also to attract tourists. As a result, the local 38,000 residents do not have to move out of the bay as the towns are expected to provide scenic spots for tourism and job opportunities for local people under the development plan.Haitang Bay is also home to new policy experiments, according to Feng. The 250,000-sq-m duty-free shopping center has just been assigned to China Duty Free Group Co Ltd, the only State-owned duty-free company in China.

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Mainland people are set to lose out from a new tax-return policy to be unveiled during an official news conference on Monday that will further benefit foreign travelers and visitors from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao to Hainan province.Even though the State Council gave the nod to the province to explore the possibility of allowing domestic tourists outside Hainan to enjoy duty-free shopping earlier this year, visitors from the mainland are still excluded while others are enjoying a bonanza.Despite their hopes and expectations, mainlanders need to wait for "another half year or so"for the full implementation of the duty-free policy, according to Guo Zhiming, a division director of the publicity department of Hainan provincial government."Starting from the beginning of next month, overseas travelers (including those from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) can reclaim the tax they paid for 21 categories of goods in three designated Sanya and Haikou shopping malls when they leave the province. That's something new apart from the duty-free shopping they already enjoy," said Guo. "However, mainland people would need to wait until next May or later.""They just wouldn't let me buy anything," said Huang Ruixi, a 22-year-old luxury brands buyer from Suzhou. It was Huang's last day of a brief tour to Sanya and she was disappointed in the city's downtown duty-free store.Chen's real estate company, Sanya Zhongtiwantong Olympic Land Development Co Ltd, is about to spend more than 5 billion yuan on Haitang Bay's Olympic Bay project. He said the project would include an Olympic park, an Olympic museum, two resorts as well as professional training centers for future Olympians.While Sanya's Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay appear to be the hottest spots for both international and domestic tourists, another emerging star - Haitang Bay - is under construction. With more than 21 kilometers (km) of beautiful sandy beach, every inch of land is being developed to help make a first-class resort."It's Sanya's last virgin land and it is a future ace resort," said Li Boqing, vice-mayor of Sanya. "So far, Haitang Bay has attracted more than 24 billion yuan in real estate investment."The expected big increase in visitors to Haitang Bay has not gone unnoticed by hoteliers across the world. On the other end of the bay, the American hospitality company Hilton Worldwide is preparing for the opening ceremony of its two properties under different brand names - Conrad and Doubletree - on Dec 28.Hilton might be the first to open along the bay, but it will definitely not be the only one. Its international competitors, Shangri-La, Kempinski, Sofitel, Fairmont, Grand Hyatt and InterContinental, are eager for their slice of the pie."There will be 25 five-star and two seven-star hotels in Haitang Bay in 10 years. Think about it: In all of Sanya there are only 24 five-star hotels at the moment," said Chen Minjian, deputy director of Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau. "Right now, 15 of these 27 hotels are under construction or being opened.""That's why Hilton introduced both Conrad and Doubletree brands in a bid to cater for different guest groups. Future competition will be fierce," said Gerd Knaust, general manager of Conrad and Doubletree Sanya Haitang Bay.

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"We are just sending in the constellation of three, like him to refer to ... ..." Te Luda was Sosa interrupted: "Te Luda, he was just training with the training program as part of a hologram nothing more." "What?!" Te Luda This reaction. "What do you want?" Souza aloud. "So I am afraid it is not right. You should ask them to go nuts fishes it!" Then, that what "Dark City" from the side so that the owner of several familiar figure to. "Snow Wei?!" Sosa one would recognize her road. "Te Luda?! Also, Niu Lisha?!" Payne exclaimed. School rushed to the side said nothing. "Since the start of the Ibero-American Jun program, it means you have to listen to my arrangements." Are the main ("Dark City" of the owner referred to as "all the Lord") said, "You!" He says, pointing Souza them, " and them! "and pointed to the snow Wei them," battle each other with their machines, until the party was defeated! "

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"What?!" Six Signs are stunned. "Their 'people' playing their 'people'? I can not do!" Souza teeth, neither willing to say. "Sosa ... ..." Niu Lisha worry Road. "No matter whether you are willing, please go!" Are the main press Road. "Sosa, go ahead!" No alternative but to look at the snow Wei Sousa, said. Sosa is no alternative. But in the face in front of "reality", we were boarded had to look very nasty now, "Equator number" and "No tide." This became the enemy just six constellations! ? The Lord was standing all sneered. Do we really so against each other yet? "Good! Start!" Are the main road beckoned. Thus, the two sides began to exchange blows reluctant. At the same time, both sides opened the intercom.

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"Snow Wei. Quickly! Look at what is fast?!" Payne said frightened. Xue Wei gazed out the window and looked surprised and said: "A big ... ah ..." At this point the school is also terrified impulse, and his pupil getting smaller. They, oh no! Is the "Equator number" were swallowed by darkness! "Sosa, you think how kind they are now?" Niu Lisha asked. "I do not know. But I feel like I have a hunch they are an accident." Souza stern Road. "Oh, no. 'Equator No.' But there is snow on the Wei yet." Te Luda proudly.

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"Snow Wei?! Hmm! Did she reluctantly on the 'equator No.' it. Without her, 'Equatorial No.' Perhaps something went wrong early on." Souza whispered. "Sousa!" Niu Lisha seems to be panic, "Yes, there are circumstances." "What is the situation ... ..." Souza has not finished, "No tide" is also swallowed by darkness! ... ... Sixth sign of justice because of war and no longer separately to meet? The training of the future can continue? Also please wait! "This is where we are?" Sosa asked puzzled. "'Dark of all'. Welcome you." A voice from far and near. "Who are you?" Niu Lisha guard asked. "I? Of course, is that 'the dark of all' master myself." The voice getting closer.

Av schuhe lily - 5 mars 2011 09:16

"You'll know!" Sosa efforts to enhance the "tide number." However, no use trying, one more than "Tidal number" twice as large as the guy suddenly appeared in front of them! Niu Lisha and Te Luda are stunned. And Sosa was calm to start the automatic driving system, and then ran down the seat, quickly open the two vice engine, and quickly returned to my seat on the hard lifting the entire machine. At this time, striking a huge machine that slowly lift the front of the heavy arm, a "grip" to live is to increase the "tidal number." The scene looked like a gorilla, like an ant in a pinch. However, Constellation is not so easy to be defeated. As Te Luda and Niu Lisha reaction time, together with them and Sosa launched the "thorns system", "tidal number" was able to escape. Otherwise, alas! What consequences does not - Kansas - set - think, ah! (Narrating: Sousa: This time the two of you know I'm not suspicious, right?) Xue Wei look at them. "Are we training here is the driving machine 'hiking' up?" Snow Mei sighed. "You're too impatient, snow Wei." Payne Road, patting her shoulder. "I?! No, you are wrong, Payne. I just want an early end to training, a good idea to spell auxiliary drop masters." Then, snow Wei look out the window. Her deep eyes seemed to see Aung G is trying to learn them. Just then, a burst of thunder awakened meditation snow Wei. She reacted quickly, said: "Oh! Payne, fast rise!"

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"Oh!" Payne immediately start the engine. "School-red, fast start the engine!" Snow Wei cried. "Has been launched complete!" School Chong replied. "Then how could ... ..." Snow Wei worry Road.


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